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Drive Medical

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Komoto Medical Pharmacy recognizes Drive as one of the leading manufacturers of home medical equipment. We carry Drive’s canes, walkers, rollators, wheel chairs and bath safety products. All of these products have been tested by our Home Medical Equipment specialists and Komoto Medical Pharmacy stands by their commitment to quality.

There are several key advantages to Drive’s medical products. Many of the mobility products do not require tools for assembly. The pieces are designed to snap into place with buttons for simple assembly and disassembly. In addition, their products offer movable parts and accessories that also do not require any tools. Should you need any assistance with assembly or use of the product, our HME specialist will happily assist you.

Drive takes a strong stand for quality and backs it up with a lifetime warranty on many of their products. If you encounter any issues with your cane, walker, rollator, wheelchair or any other Drive product that you have purchased from us, simply bring it back for a free exchange (restrictions may apply).

Lastly, Drive designs mobility products that fit into the patient lifestyle. Many products offer convenient accessories and features and also come in different colors that fit your specific tastes. No longer do you need to settle with that boring silver and black cane.

Drive's commitment for quality, innovation and service make them the perfect partner for providing home medical equipment to our valued patients. Browse our online catalog for Drive’s products or come in and speak with our HME specialists for product demonstration.

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